National Security Agency

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We are divided in one Management Division and several operational Divisions. The Management Division is lead by the General, while operational Divisions are lead by Majors (Division Leaders).

Management Division handles the conceptual tasks like administration and mission statement and strategies.

Division Leader belong to the tactical level of the Agency. They lead their squad in matches and are responsable for the Division's well being.

At the moment we have 2 active operational Divisions:
CS: Eagle Division: Lead by Major Flare, 2nd in command: Captain Exe
DoD: Phoenix Division: Lead by Major Rhinox, 2nd in command Captain Crow

The 3rd Division, Mercury Division for CS:Source will be operational later.

Next to the operational Divisions we have:
Veterans: This Division consists of retired players that have been of great value for the Agency during it's 4 year+ existance.

MIA: or Missing In Action: Inactive players